Ian Kirby, Master Woodworker

Ian J. Kirby - Master WoodworkerIan Kirby is a nationally known woodworker, designer, teacher and writer.  He was educated in England under the likes of Edward Barnsley, one of the greats of the British Arts and Crafts Movement.   I was lucky enough to have studied under Ian for about 3 years at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. I learned everything from the basics of sharpening chisels and hand planes to veneering to design from Ian. His classes were as entertaining as they were educational.

Besides being a great guy, a gourmet cook and a top-notch furniture designer , Ian has written numerous articles in woodworking magazines and a number of terrific woodworking books.  These days his articles are featured in Woodworker's Journal. 

Having studied under Ian I also acquired the Ian Kirby designed solid wood bench and also the veneer press bench. Of course I had to buy a slew of Record hand planes and clamps.


Here are just some of the many books and DVDs from Ian Kirby:

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